Introduction to Archipelagostrawberries

Archipelago Commons, or simply Archipelago, is an evolving Open Source Digital Objects Repository / DAM Server Architecture based on the popular CMS Drupal8/9 and released under GLP V.3 License.

Archipelago is a mix of deeply integrated custom-coded Drupal modules (the Strawberryfield Modules, made with care by us) and a curated and well-configured Drupal instance, running under a discrete and well-planned set of service containers.

Learn more about Archipelago's guiding principles, system architecture, technical roadmap, and current 1.0.0-RC2 specs and features:

Instructions and Guides

Archipelago Deployment Quickstart

To deploy a local instance of Archipelago 1.0.0-RC2 using Docker (docker-compose) and explore the many possibilities, please follow this guide. That repository and explains how to deploy Archipelago on OSX and Ubuntu 18.04 in 5 simple steps.

Digital Objects and Collections Creation and Management

*Additional instructions and guides related to Site Administration and Configuration can be found in Archipelago's Main Documentation on Github.

Archipelago Presentations and Documents

Questions and Additional Support

We invite you to share your questions, use cases, and ideas in the Archipelago Google Groups Forum. You can also visit our Support page to find more information about Hosting and Help for Archipelago.