Archipelago for leaders of institutions


Archipelago is a flexible and adaptable open source digital repository that is scalable for any sized organization.

  • Archipelago is affordable, sustainable and able to accommodate any use case. You can start with a small, inexpensive server and grow without having to rethink your entire system's architecture.

  • Archipelago reuses most of a popular open source content management system called Drupal, so your IT team can sleep in peace knowing they are not alone, they are part of a community. Archipelago extends the popular Drupal framework by providing three custom modules that deal with all of your repository needs. 

  • Why would you want to pay to store 5 copies of the same object? Archipelago does not generate unnecessary derivatives, so storing your data is affordable.

  • Archipelago works with the most rigid metadata practices if that is your style, but it was also built to accommodate your local particularities without sacrificing compatibility with external systems.

  • As awesome as it is, Archipelago provides you with a simple exit strategy. Digital Objects and media assets can be transported as simple-to-process files - yes, old fashion files. All metadata is stored as JSON, a handy data interchange format, that requires little processing (and has been making software developers happy since 1999).


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