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Archipelago is a slim, smart, open source repository software.

  • Development home at the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
  • Built on top of Drupal 8/9
  • Curated list of well maintained Community Drupal Modules
  • Custom Drupal Modules: the 🍓 Strawberryfield Modules

Development Milestones

Archipelago tries to stay humble, slim, and nimble in nature with a small code base full of inline comments and @todos. All of our work is driven by a clear and concise but thoughtful planned technical roadmap --updated in tandem with new releases.

  • Archipelago Day One Features and Capabilities:

Drupal 8/9 deployment and readiness; IIIF integration; Solr (Search) power; Cantaloupe (Image Server); S3 Storage ( or any other S3 flavor); custom Strawberryfield modules to extend robust digital repository functionality.

Archipelago's first full release candidate was released just before the close of 2020, as a capstone to one+ years of research, development and beta testing. RC1 introduced a full suite of new features and tools, including a completely updated Stack and powerful Archipelago modules Strawberry Runners and Hydroponics (post-processing) and Archipelago Multi-Importer (batch ingest++).

Following the successes and lessons of RC1, RC2 brought updates and enhancements to almost every aspect of Archipelago’s code base and configurations and made Drupal 9 part of the release. Full specs and features here: Archipelago RC2 Specs and Features.

This release brough comprehensive updates to core system and user functions. RC3 featured in-tandem Live and Local Deployments, Drupal 9 as default, advancements to Archipelago Multi Importer’s suite of tools to assist with migration and linked data reconciliation processes, and system-wide refactors and contextualization that made managing large Archipelago environments easier than ever before.

Archipelago’s latest release again brings many extensive updates and enhancements to Archipelago environments. Please see our release notes for more details on all the great features packed into 1.0.0, complete Specs and Features list here.


METRO Development, Hosting, and Support Services

The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) serves as the institutional home of Archipelago, and also acts as a hosted service provider, trainer, and consultancy for institutions who need assistance getting started, customizing, or maintaining their repositories. METRO is one of nine regional library councils serving New York State. These library councils were chartered in New York State Education law almost 50 years ago, and have served libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) in myriad ways over this period. METRO’s immediate service region is New York City and Westchester County, but the audience taking advantage of Archipelago and our other services reaches across New York, across the country, and around the world. 

METRO members receive a 25% discount on Archipelago Hosting and Support Services. METRO members in New York City and Westchester County are also eligible to contribute to the Archipelago-based Digital Culture of Metropolitan New York (DCMNY) collaborative repository. You can find information about becoming a member here: