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Get Involved & Stay Updated

We invite you to share your questions, use cases, and ideas in the 📧 Archipelago Google Groups forum and join us on the 🍓Archipelago Commons Slack Channel.🌟

Another great way to interact with us is to visit, subscribe to, and participate in our various active 🤓 GitHub repositories, where you can always find us writing code and constantly improving Archipelago. The following repositories are dedicated to covering one part of Archipelago's functionality:

Archipelago welcomes and appreciates any type of contribution, from use cases and needs, questions, documentation, devops and configuration and -- of course -- code, fixes, or new features. To make the process less painful, we recommend you first to read our documentation and deploy a local instance. After that please follow this set of guidelines to help you get started.


Archipelago Working Group

In the Spring of 2022, METRO supported the creation of a select group of both early adopters and longtime members of the Archipelago community to provide a dedicated space for Archipelago power users to build upon their demonstrated use-explorations, contribute further to the platform, work on documentation needs, and conduct community engagement and outreach. You can learn more about the Archipelago Working Group participants by attending one of their open meetings, which are announced on the Archipelago Commons Slack Channel and Archipelago Google Groups forum.